Core Psychological Services


Our fees are set in accordance with the recommended fee schedule by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. We typically require a retainer fee equaling half the estimated total cost to be paid before the onset of the assessment. The balance of fees will be due before the report is released. While we don't provide direct billing, you will be provided with detailed invoices and receipts that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement if applicable. Please note that each benefits plan is different and that your insurance company generally won’t share any information with us. As such, we recommend that you contact them beforehand in order to clarify how much coverage you have access to.

Psychological services (with the exception of forensic services) are generally exempt from GST, and unclaimed amounts can be subtracted as medical expenses from your income taxes.

Our current fees for service are:

  • Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessments for Children: $200 / hour
  • Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessments for Adults: $200 / hour
  • Psychological Assessments for Legal Purposes: $300 / hour

More information on the number of hours required and estimated total costs are provided on the pages outlining specific services.

Please note that Core Psychological Services does not offer counselling or psychotherapy services at this point in time.