Core Psychological Services

Assessments for Adults

Adults often request formal psychological assessment services to address matters such as learning problems in university, chronic mental health difficulties, or seeking to qualify for certain government programs. While no two assessments are entirely alike, the process typically includes:

  • Background questionnaires filled out before the evaluation
  • A clinical interview to gather information about you, your background, and the presenting problem
  • Psychological testing, as required
  • A review of relevant documentation or records

After gathering all required information, I will integrate and interpret the results before writing a comprehensive report. The report will outline my main findings and provide recommendations for addressing any concerns that arose during the assessment process.

Some examples of adult psychological assessments include:

Adult Learning Assessments

At times it becomes necessary to conduct learning or psychoeducational assessments for adults. This typically occurs when it is expected that a person with learning difficulties was never diagnosed as a child, or if a person who did receive a childhood diagnosis needs to be reassessed as an adult. The process is similar to child psychoeducational assessments, and can seek to identify factors such as learning disabilities, adult ADHD, or autism spectrum disorders.

Adult learning assessments typically require around 10 to 12 hours of clinical work (including time for test interpretation and report writing). As such, the cost for a full adult learning assessment is usually around $2000 to $2400. If the assessment is for autism spectrum disorders it usually takes around 11 to 14 hours, which would bring the cost to $2200 to $2800.

Guardianship / Trusteeship Assessments

In order to support adult guardianship or trusteeship applications, it is necessary to demonstrate that the adult in question lacks the capacity to make appropriate decisions in one or more important life areas. This could be due to a wide range of factors such as advancing age, reduced cognitive abilities, or deteriorating health.

If an opinion regarding guardianship or trusteeship is sought, the cost will be a flat fee of $500. If an opinion regarding both guardianship and trusteeship is sought, the cost will be a flat fee of $700.

AISH / PDD Assessments

Adults suffering from developmental disabilities or chronic serious mental health disorders may qualify for government assistance through programs such as the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) or Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) programs. In order to apply for benefits under these and similar programs, a comprehensive assessment of symptoms, strengths, and needs is required to demonstrate that the person in question needs long-term assistance.

Assessments for AISH, PDD, and similar types of benefits typically require around 7 hours of clinical work (including time for data interpretation and report writing). As such, the cost for these types of assessments are usually around $1400.